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Tamilnadu Tourism

On the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula is situated one of the most beautiful states of India, Tamil Nadu. The state has witnessed the grandeur of the art and architecture of many rulers. Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, Pallavas, Nizams, Dutch, Danish and British, all these rulers have provided their great contribution to make Tamil Nadu so rich in cultural heritage. Each dynasty has added a new thing in it in the form of culture or as some monument. Tamilnadu tourism is famous for its tradition of literature, classical dance Bhratanatyam and Tanjore Paintings.

Mozart of Madras, A. R. Rahman has given this state a worldwide fame by winning Oscar Award for Music. The state boasts of many historical monuments which are classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Tamil Nadu is also one of the most literate states in India with 80 percent of literacy rate. The major industries that are flourishing in Tamil Nadu are agriculture, textiles, automobiles, software, leather and heavy Industries. Tamilnadu Tourism is famous for ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations.

How to reach

By Air - Tamil Nadu has an international airport at Chennai and each of its major cities has a domestic airport. The state is easily accessible by air route.

By Train - The main railway station of Tamil Nadu is located in Chennai and there are many other stations that are connected with Chennai and other cities situated in its different parts during Tamilnadu Tour.

By Road - Tamil Nadu is well connected by road. A number of National Highways and State Highways connect this state with others in India.

Tourist Attractions Tamilnadu Following are the major Tourist Attractions Tamilnadu that attract the domestic and the international travelers to this place.

Temples - Tamilnadu Tour is known as the land of temples and there are more than 33000 temples in Tamil Nadu, some of which are more than 800 years old. These temples belong to Chola rulers, Pandya Rulers, Pallava rulers and Vijayanagar dynasty. Some of the most popular temples are:

  • Six holy Abode of Lord Muruga
  • Meenakshi Amma Temple, Madurai
  • Chidambram temple, Chidambaram
  • Ekambareshwarar Temple, Kanchipuram
  • Rockfort temple, Tiruchirapalli
  • Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam
  • Varadharaja Perumal Temple
  • Srirangam Temple, Trichy
  • Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thajavur

Wildlife - Tamil Nadu is rich in flora and fauna and it boasts of two biosphere reserves, five national parks and 17 wildlife sanctuaries. The most famous of them all are:

  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
  • Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mukkurthi National Park
  • Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust - Nemmeli
  • Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park

Beaches- Beach lovers can not miss Tamilnadu Tourism when they are on their South Indian beach trip. Tourist Attractions Tamilnadu has got a number of marvelous and spectacular beaches that are always crowded with domestic and international beach lovers and tourists. The second longest beach of Asia, Marina Beach is also here in Chennai. Apart from this there is an impressive list of beaches that Tamil Nadu has like:'

  • Mahabalipuram Beach
  • Rameshwaram Beach
  • Kanyakumari Beach
  • Covelong Beach
  • Elliot's Beach
  • Marina Beach

Hill Stations - Tamil Nadu hill stations are perfect hideaway from the bustling city life. Amidst the serenity and tranquility of these hills one can forget all the worries of life. Lush greenery, soothing climate, pristine beaches and lovely hill stations, all this you can get in enchanting Tamilnadu Tourism. Once you visit Tamil Nadu, you will find yourself trapped in the beauty of the state's hill stations. Following are some of the most popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu.

  • Ooty Hill Station
  • Yercaud Hill Station
  • Yelagiri Hill Station
  • Kodaikanal Hill Station
  • Coonoor Hill Station
  • Kotagiri Hill Station
  • Velliangiri Hill Station

Festivals The harvest festival Pongal is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of this state and to witness its festivities people come to Tourist Attractions Tamilnadu from all over. Apart from this annual 10 days long Meenakshi Tirukalyanam festival at Madurai attracts thousands of tourists to Tamil Nadu. There are a huge number of other temple festivals as well which are celebrated in the temples of Tamil Nadu.