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Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Western Ghats and spread across for 277 Km with excellent protections of flora and fauna. It is a perfect ecological piece of Anamalai sub unit. It serves as a home to various species and has streams, reservoirs, waterfalls, hills, valleys and the most attractive spot in the Western Ghats. It’s known as ‘Nature’s own abode’.

Things to see :
  • “Kannimara” - Oldest and largest trees in the world
  • Thuvaiar water fall
  • Wildlife
  • Dams
  • Medicinal Plants
Night Halt Packages :
  • Full Moon Census
  • Treetop Experience
  • Machan World
  • Peep through Watch Towers
  • Thellikkal Nights
Trekking :
  • Cochin State Forest Tramway Trekking
  • Foresters' Dwelling
  • Pugmark Trail
  • High Range Hiking
  • Kariyanshola Trail
  • Elephant Song Trail
  • Dolmen Trail
Nature Education :
  • Hornbill Watching
  • Paid Nature Camps
Jungle Camps :
  • Tented Niche
  • Wilderness Camps
  • Veettikunnu Island Nest
  • Eco- meditation
Day Packages :
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Parambikulam Boating
  • Kannimara Safari
  • Tribal Symphony
  • Parambi Cruise