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Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple which is also known as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Tiru- Alavai is situated in the temple city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, also known as Meenakshi Amman and her consort Sundareswarar, also called Shiva. It is believed that Meenakshi Temple Madurai was founded by Lord Indra. When Indra found that the burden of his misdeeds was taken off by the Swayambu Lingam, he built a temple here and enshrined the Lingam. This temple is visited by almost 15000 visitors a day and on Fridays the number is increased to 25000. Meenakshi Temple was also a nominee among 30 "New Seven Wonders of the World".

Meenakshi Temple Madurai is also the biggest temple complex in Tamil Nadu and is at the center of Madurai both geographically as well as spiritually. The Madurai Temple Meenakshi has four entrances and it is enclosed by high masonry walls. The city was designed in the shape of Lotus and somehow it has got square shape today and the temple is located in the center of it. The temple complex is spread over an area of 45 acres and the 12 Gopurams of the temple range from 45 m to 51 m in height. The tallest one is 51.9 meters.

The Meenakshi Temple Shrine has gold Vimanam and it has an Emerald colored black stone image of Meenakshi Temple Tour. The Sundareswarar shrine is at the center of the complex and spread over one fourth of the area of the temple. Porthamarai Kulam is the sacred temple tank and the temple has many interesting and amazingly beautiful halls as well. Every year in the month of April "Meenakshi Thirukalyanam" festival is celebrated with much ado. This is the festival of divine marriage of Meenakshi Amman and Lord Sundareswarar.

How to reach ?

By Air - Madurai has its own airport which is located around 15 km from the center of the city. This airport connects Madurai with all other airports in India.

By Train - You can get direct train to Madurai from Chennai. It is well connected with railway route to all other major cities.

By Road - Both AC private bus services and state public bus services are available for Madurai. These buses run on daily basis to and from the city.

Best time to visit - Visit this sacred Hindu religious city any month of the year. But April is the time when you can witness the mega event here otherwise from October to March the weather is most pleasant here.