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Royal Court Madurai

Area : Madurai ,Tamilnadu, India

Royal Court hotel is a 3 star classified business class hotel Welcome - that's what you'll feel the moment you walk through the door, and every minute you're here, at Royal Court Hotel Madurai. Whether your trip is packed with business or filled with fun, we know you're looking for a soft place to land at the end of the day. That's why we take the word hospitality to heart.

Rooms & Facilities : 69 centrally ac rooms with bath tubs / Shower Cubicle. Health club. Travel desk. Spacious covered car parking. Foreign Exchange. A Gymnasium with all the latest equipments is located in the terrace spread in 260square feet and the sight from there gives a panoramic view of Royal Court Hotel Madurai. Underground car parking with elevator facility is present. The air condition plant is eco friendly and noise free with absorption head pumps from Thermax Ltd. Unlike conventional air condition plant, VAHP has no compressor that does not emits carbon florene colorene which deplete Ozone layer. Water treatment plant purifies water for both portable and sanitation purposes. The filters include sand filter, carbon filter and ultra violet filter. Water is being softened by softer and equal pressure is maintained in all floors by the pneumatic system. The electricity back up is provided by 250 KV A generator fitted with auto main failure device for speedy back up. The elevators are the Mitsubishi, Japan 02 numbers passenger and 01 number service elevator fitted with microprocessor. Speed of the elevator is 60 meters per minute or in other words, 1 meter per second. Capacity of the elevator is designed to carry 11 passengers (750 kg) at a time.