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Visalam Chettinad, Karaikudi

Area : Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India

Relive rich Chettiar traditions and history through Visalam, CGH Earthacircs newest venture. Chettinad, the land of palatial houses, enormous temples and excellent cuisine can convey volumes to the newcomer. Chettinad, homeland of the Nattukottai Chettiars, a prosperous banking and business community, seems to live and breathe history. Experience a heritage, art and architecture untouched by time. visalam hotel karaikudi, is reflective of the grandeur of the region, combined with the almost yogic simplicity of the community.

Location :Just 90 kms from Trichy and 105 kms from Madurai, visalam hotel karaikudi sits on National Highway 210, in one of the major villages, two stops before stepping into the very famous town of Karaikudi. The contractor for this house was Narayanan and the carpenters were from Thirunelvelli. The house was built during the war, a period when procuring steel and cement was extremely difficult. Chettinad as it is Situated between Pudukottai in the north and Sivagangai in the south, the 74 villages of Chettinad stretch over 600 sq. kms. of mostly arid land with a splash of green at irregular intervals.

Accomodation : 15 heritage rooms Cuisine The famed Chettinad cuisine Things to do Experience the Chettiar lifestyle. Excursions around the historic town with its temples and artisans' workshops.