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Cardamom House, Dindugal

Area : Dindugal , Tamilnadu, India

Welcome to Cardamom House Dindugal which is owned and managed by a retired British Physician. Here the atmosphere is completely informal and the daily activities of the house are tailored to accommodate our guest’s own personal programs. "Cardamom House” enjoys a stunning location on the edge of the monsoon dependent Kamarajar Lake which nestles in the foothills of the mountains of the Western Ghats. The close proximity of these mountains exerts a cooling effect to the climate of the area.

Birdlife is abundant and we even get the occasional glimpse of a Leopard or Black Panther as they move silently through the undergrowth. "Bird-watching” or "Birding” is fast becoming a popular activity in India and a lot of attention is being paid by birders to our area in particular. A recent visit by a group of what could be called "Professional Enthusiasts” from the United Kingdom reported seeing more than 160 different species just walking around the Lake in a period of just 4 days! Every morning you can expect to wake to the sounds of a chorus of different birds including noisy Peacocks.

Location & Climate : Map - South India Map, Map- Airports of South India and Sri Lanka, Map - Sembatti to Cardamom House Dindugal. By Road : The Route from Sembatti to Cardamom House.

Climate : The mountains of the Western Ghats have a moderating effect on the climate around Cardamom House Dindugal. The main South West Monsoon that affects the whole of India from July until the year – seems to pass us by. We have many years of records to support this! December until March. Excellent months when many tourists visit. April and May. We do not recommend as these are our "Hot Months”. June until early October are excellent times to visit. Note that these are the main holiday months in the USA and Europe. October and November tend to be cool and wet - mostly in the evenings.