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Fort House Hotel

Area : Cochin, Kerala, India,

In historical times the area used to be known as "Malabar Coast". Centuries of intensive contacts with foreign civilisations have created a fascinating blend of cultures. Portuguese, Arab, Jewish, Dutch, and British influences can still be felt in Kerala's architecture, customs and cuisine. The center of this unique cultural melting pot has always been the old town of Fort Cochin - where Fort House Hotel is located.

Location : The car ride takes about an hour and a half during daytime and an hour early in the morning or late at night.

Dining: Kerala is widely known for the various culinary influences that have left traces in its cuisine. Cochin Fort House Hotel tries to reflect part of this variety by offering a selection of dishes particularly characteristic for the Latin Christian style of cooking in Kerala. This cuisine consists mainly of sea food because the people of this community have traditionally resided near the coast. For those of our guests, however, who prefer vegetarian food, we offer a number of traditional dishes including Thali meals.

The sea food served in Cochin Fort House Hotel includes a large variety of fresh fish such as seer fish, pomfret, grey mullet, shrimps, prawns, squid and lobster. The recipes we use are not the same as used in standard restaurants. As many of our guests have confirmed, our original recipes, mostly created by Mrs Nova Thomas, bear the flavour and diversity of home-cooked food. This also applies to the meat dishes: Our Portuguese-influenced pork vindaloo, beef chops and Kerala chicken curry have been popular Cochin Fort House Hotel specials for quite some time.

Facilities: Foreign Exchange, Our travel desk will assist you in changing all currencies and travelers cheques.