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Mangalore Beach – A God-made paradise in the Western Ghat

South India, a perfect destination for ancient monuments, temples, churches, mosques, fascinating seas, beaches etc. A lot of visitors keep coming to India to explore this wide region for all the magnificent spots around. Mangalore city is located between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghat in the state of Karnataka. The hills, streams, palm trees and buildings surround the area. It’s a clean city next to Mysore and known as the paradise of the Western Ghats.

The name 'Mangalore' is derived from Hindu deity Mangaladevi. Magaladevi Temple, dedicated to Mangaladevi is located at Bolara town of Mangalore. This location has a plenty of visiting places such as Jalal Mastan Darga, Mukhyaprana Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Dhoomavathi Temple, Kajore Darga, Shanoor Darga, Ulal Darga, Saidina Bibi Darga, Khudrat Sha Walilulla Darga, Mariyamma Temple, Kanti Church and Kallurti Sthana. The city is also famous for Mangalore beach which is a beautiful holidays' destination that attracts thousands of travellers throughout the year.

beach in Mangalore is a magical un-spoilt sea-side spot on the coastline of Western Ghat. On the shores of astounding Arabian Sea, Mangalore beach truly entices its onlookers with its heavenly beautification. While at the beach you may enjoy water sports, sun bath etc. and relax for the whole day. Tourists can blend their leisure activities with the other attractive events at the Mangalore beach. The performance of the Yakshagana on the sands is a worth seeing and photographing sight. The program goes on for the whole night. Another unique local program is called Kambala or buffalo event. There are other fascinating beaches located near beach in Mangalore. Some of them are Someshwar beach, Panambur beach, Surathkal beach, Ullal beach, Maravante beach and Murudeshwar beach. Each beach has its own distinctive features.

There is a holy temple located at Someshwar beach and it is mainly attended by the local people regularly. The view of this beach is astounding from the top of a hillock. Panambur beach is a beautiful place and here sugarcane juice and charmuri are quite famous. You can watch romantic view of sunset here. However, when you visit the beautiful Ullal beach, you should be little bit careful as the sea current is heavy and the sea itself is rough here. Hence it is suggested not to take the risk of swimming at Ullal beach. A stunning lighthouse is situated on the top of the rocks at Surathkal beach. The place is renowned for the natural view of sunrise and sunset. Kaup beach is most popularly known among the photographers for its captivating natural beauty.

There are lots of attractions in the region other than the celebrated Mangalore and other beaches, temples, churches, etc. Hence, whenever you plan to visit South India, mainly the state of Karnataka, never forget to mention Mangalore in the list of your visiting destinations.