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Kovalam Beach – The Paradise of the South

Kovalam Beach is a highly popular beach located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The natural beauty of this beach surpasses those of other beaches. It is a fine sand washed beach that makes sun bath possible on the silver sands. Geographically kerala kovalam beach is curve shaped and alienated by stony outcroppings that are the major attraction here. The word 'Kovalam' signifies 'a grove of coconut trees'. Truly, once you visit this place, the entire village of Kovalam offers an endless sight of coconut trees. Some adventure specialists also call it 'The Paradise of the South'. Located at a distance of 16 km from the south of Thiruvananthapuram, it takes only an hour drive by road to reach here. The best time for spending a vacation at Kovalam beach is from October to March. During this period, the beach is always dotted with tourists who enjoy water activities, sun bath etc here.

Local residents near this beach gather here for hang out, mainly in the evening. Since the spot has turned a popular tourist attracting destination, you would come across plenty of pizzerias, open-air cafés, snacks and drinks sellers etc. Some other arrangements are also there like the availability of deck chairs for eating or leisure activity for the travellers and water sport equipments for the adventure lovers.

The history of Kovalam says that it gradually started receiving attention in the second decade of the early 20th century when Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore constructed her beach resort here by the name of Halcyon Castle. Her nephew, who later became the Maharaja of Travancore, brought the place in limelight. Later in 1930, understanding the potentiality of Kovalam beach, Europeans declared it as a tourist destination. Since then it is one of the most famous and highly popular tourist destinations in South India.

There are some other prominent tourist destinations near Kovalam beach. One of them is Lighthouse Beach. Just located at the southern part of the Kovalam beach, the presence of soft silver sands at the Lighthouse Beach allows for barefoot stroll on the golden sands and gazing of the beautiful Vizhinzam mosque nearby. There is a lighthouse, a must visit for the travellers. You will observe Vizhinjam Lighthouse glowing every time, even in the dark. There is another beach located nearby named Hawa Beach. Tourists having interest in different species of sea fishes or students dealing with fish culture should pay a visit to Hawa Beach. The daily routine of the fishermen here would give an opportunity for a live view of various species of fishes. There are also special boating facilities for the visitors. You can also choose the boating facility provided by the local fishermen.

Other than only travelling in and around Kovalam beach, you can also opt for special Ayurvedic care therapy Kerala is mainly known for. For that, you should go to Samudra Beach. This is a place where people mainly come to attain peace in its serene and tranquil atmosphere and avail the Vedic therapy. The Ayurveda centres are recognised with Green Leaf and Olive Leaf certifications. With all these offerings, Kovalam beach can surely be a perfect vacations' destination.