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Gokarna Beach – A geographically unique spot in South India

Every tourist knows South India is a land of many seas, rivers, oceans and beaches and the entire South India region can be visited round the year. In a religious country like India, most of the sea beaches or rivers traditionally have temples since ages, mosques and churches since centuries and there are lots of mythological stories related to all these sites. There are many beaches located in South India and each beach has its own speciality that attracts scores of global tourists. Of all the beaches, Paradise Gokarna Beach is somehow little bit different, not because of its story of creation, but mainly for its peculiar large geographical shape that resembles to the ear of a cow.

Gokarna Beach is located in a village named Gokarna in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is about 250 km from Mangalore and 530 km away from Bangalore. Travellers can visit this holy place by hiring maxi-cabs or taking regular bus services from Ankola or Kumta, which are only 25 km and 35 km away respectively from Gokarna.

The word 'Gokarna' is a Sanskrit word – 'Go' means 'Cow' and 'Karna' means 'Ear'. The beach is called so as the outline of its geographical formation looks like a cow's ear. According to a Hindu mythological story, once Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow in this location. Thus, this place is named after it. The beach is situated at the natural ear-shaped confluence of the two rivers viz. Aghanashini and Gangavali.

Unlike other beaches, Gokarna Resort is a religious place as well as a tourist places to visit near gokarna. Mahabaleshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Mahabaleshwar or Lord Shiva, is situated at Beach Gokarna . A visit to this beach doesn't end here. An experienced traveller considers this spot as an ideal place for trekking. You can trek through the uphill and forest of palm trees for around 30 minutes to reach Kudle Beach. You will also observe the traditional living style of the villagers in small huts. On the way, there are lots of local tea shops which cater specially to the travellers. Kudle Beach is also accessible by rickshaw. It is always better to bring one's own bedding, especially those who are passionate trekkers and photographers.

On the same way, you can move ahead towards south by foot or rickshaw where Om Beach is located. If anyone has ever visited Omkareshwar at the bank of holy river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, he could easily trace out the geographical structure of Om Beach. It is completely just like Om sign which is used as prehistoric symbol of Hinduism. Trek ahead for around 30 minutes to reach Half-Moon Beach. Similarly, another tourist destination, Paradise Beach is located near Half-Moon Beach. But Half-Moon and Paradise beaches are only accessible either by foot or boat.

So, isn't Gokarna Beach an amazing place to visit? Unlike other beaches that only offer you simple amusement, Gokarna Beach inundates you with knowledge about the vast geographic formations, trekking, opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches, visualisation of the simple living style of the local villagers. It is considered one of the best beaches in South India where truth seekers can seek solace and tranquillity, while pleasure seekers can enjoy lots of fun.